Project Awards Information

Want to participate in the Project Awards Program? Please review the following guidelines for information about the program and how to register, and then download and fill out the Intent to Submit Form.

Program Outline

General Contractors Association of Ottawa Awards


Submissions only by member firms of a project completed in a year previous to the Call for Submission, but no more than two years. Judging of the project by an adjudicating committee, selection of a project for awards, and presentation of awards at the Annual General Meeting.


A GCAO awards committee will be comprised of the GCAO President, GCAO Past President, Entertainment Committee Director, and a Director at Large. The function of this committee will be the development, oversight, and ongoing implementation of the award program.


Application submission form for entries is attached.


The award program is limited to two categories for All projects of a General Contract, Construction Management, or Design-Build nature. Members wishing to apply for an Award may enter one of the three value range categories noted in category A. All submitters of Category A are automatically entered into Category B.

Category A – Buildings- Architectural/Commercial/Institutional

An award selection will be made from each of the three designated project cost categories below.

  • up to $5 Million in value
  • from $5 to $15 Million in value
  • $15 Million in value and over

Category B – Don Chutter Meritorious Achievement Award

The Don Chutter Meritorious Achievement Award will be presented to the submission that best demonstrates the contribution of General Contracting to our quality of life in Ottawa.  The judging panel will consider that project which excels in all areas of the rated criteria and is also an Ottawa and Surrounding Region Project.  The criteria will consider four different but related aspects of the submitting firm’s role in the project:

  • Project objectives, solutions, and achievements;
  • Technical excellence and innovation;
  • Level of difficulty; and
  • Contribution to economic, social or enviromental quality of life

Ottawa-based projects in all categories are eligible for this award.


The GCAO President will facilitate, but not adjudicate the judging review. An Adjudicating Committee will be established each year by the GCAO Award Committee, as approved by the Board of Directors, and the Adjudicating Committee will serve as judges for the award program. The Adjudicating committee will have a representative from:

  • Engineering (possibly CEO or PEO volunteer)
  • Architecture (possibly ORSA volunteer)
  • Owner (Municipality, University, or Other volunteer)

Judging Criteria:

Judging Criteria will be on a point based system against the following criteria (a to d)

a. Project objectives, solutions and achievements;

  • Safety – confirm # of LTIs on project (subcontractors and own forces and any fatalities
  • Project Management
  • Schedule

b. Technical excellence and innovation;

  • Innovations
  • Environmental Highlights
  • Design-Build Achievement (if applicable)

c. Level of complexity; and

  • Uniqueness
  • Complexity
  • Teamwork

d. Contribution to Ottawa

  • Customer satisfaction – reference letter
  • Contribution to Ottawa area economic, social or environmental quality of life (as applicable)


Every Year or every two years as directed by the Board Presentation: To be presented at AGM, to senior company representatives and the company team (SS, PM, EST).

Validity Period:

Submissions only for projects completed in the last 2 years (prior to submission date).

Timeline for Call for Submissions:

Project Awards Program

Submissions only by member firms of a project completed in a year previous to the Call for Submission, but no more than two years. Judging of the project by an adjudicating committee, selection of a project for awards, and presentation of awards at the Annual General Meeting.
For more information on applying to the Project Awards Program, please click here.

Past Winners

Integrity and Ethics Awards

The Award
The General Contractors Association of Ottawa created its Integrity and Ethics Award to honour an individual who has demonstrated a consistently high standard of integrity and ethics in dealing with local construction industry participants. There may be one such award presented each year.


Those nominated must be employed in a management capacity for at least 10 years. Nominees must be known to employ a high standard of integrity and ethics in dealings with owners, design consultants, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and fellow employees.
Nominees may be considered for the Award who are not employed by member firms of the Association – e.g. a consultant, owner, subcontractor etc.
Leadership positions in local, provincial or national construction associations will be considered as a positive factor.
The Board of Directors may vary these criteria in special circumstances.

Nomination Procedures

Nominations must be submitted in writing addressed to:

The President
General Contractors Association of Ottawa
9 Antares Drive, Nepean, Ontario K2E 8A1
Nominations must be received by no later than January 30th, 2019

Nominations should ordinarily include the following:

  • A brief commentary as to the appropriateness of the nominee for consideration as a recipient of the Award; this may be in the form of the covering letter.
  • Biographical information such as is usually contained in a Curriculum Vitae.
  • Any other pertinent information demonstrating the worthiness of the nominee for consideration as a recipient of the Award.
  • An Appendix containing letters supporting the nomination from Owners, Design Consultants, General and Trade Contractors, Suppliers, and Colleagues who have known the nominee for at least 5 years and who have been in a position to assess the nominee’s high standards of integrity and ethics.

Adjudication Procedure

Nominations will be reviewed by the Association’s Board of Directors, whose members will determine whether or not an Award will be presented in any given year. Selection decisions will be based on the information provided in the Nomination(s), supplemented by information in the Association’s records and interviews with pertinent members, subcontractors, suppliers, consultants and owners.

Integrity & Ethics Award

The GCAO Board of Directors initiated the award in 1999 to recognize an individual who has consistently displayed the merits of this distinctive award.

The nomination of a worthy recipient is something that must be taken seriously and draw upon our deep convictions that the person maintains the caliber and degree of standards necessary to achieve the respect of their peers, their associates, their business partners and themselves.

A nomination of such a person involves a known principle that this candidate works diligently at building bridges of communication, honesty, and fair play among the many canyons of policy, law, emotions, tender and contract law.

This same person must scale the enormous obstacles of employee relations, client relations and peer pressures all the time remaining steadfast in administration of fair treatment to all.

This person must be enduring of the business and the business community, both constantly changing, by coping adapting, and continually leading.

The Award serves as recognition to a “JOB WELL DONE” to deserving individuals within our Association and the construction community at large.

Past Winners

The following recipients of the GCAO Intergrity and Ethics Award have all demonstrated leadership in our industry and exemplified ethical business behaviour:

2018Dave Burley
2017Barry Hobin
2016Ted Ruiter
2015Dwight Brown
2014Robert Merkley
2013Robert Matthews
2012Dennis and Micheline Drevniok
2011Bill Pieterson
2010Serge Massicotte
2009Mike Rushton
2008Ron Barrie
2007Alex Rankin
2006Richard Moore
2005John Westeinde
2004John Adjeleian
2003Zeev Vered
2002Helmut Mueller
2001Bill Riddell
2000Glen Morley
1999Dick Zeidler